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Terms & Conditions

Murder Mystery Dinner Terms and Conditions

Ticket Reservations:

    • All ticket reservations are subject to availability.

    • Reservations can be made through our official website, phone, or in-person at the cafe.

    • By purchasing a ticket you agree to the terms and conditions stated. By purchasing a ticket for someone else you agree to take resposibility for communicating the terms and conditions to the reciepients. 

  1. Cancellation and Rescheduling:

    • All ticket sales are final. Due to being a very small business we are unable to offer refunds but can move your tickets to an alternate date if request is made at least 15 days in advance and subject to availability.

    • Cancellation and rescheduling of your show does not guarantee the same script will be in play on the alternate date.

  2. Show Entry:

    • Doors open at 6:45. Dinner shows begin at 7:00pm. Check-in closes at 7:15pm.

    • Late arrival may result in an inability to participate in certain interactive elements of the show.

    • Upon check in you will be directed to your pre-assigned seat.

  3. Age Restrictions:

    • General Murder Mystery Dinners are for guests 18 years of age and above.

    • Family oriented Mystery Dinners are for guests 12 years of age and above and all minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

  4. Dietary Restrictions and Allergies:

    • Vegan and Gluten FRIENDLY options are available upon request.

    • Menu selections can not be changed within 48 hours of your Dinner Show.

    • Guests are encouraged to inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies at the time of booking.

    • We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate dietary requirements, but cannot guarantee complete allergen avoidance.

  5. Participation and Conduct:

    • Guests are expected to engage in a respectful and inclusive manner during the event.

    • Any disruptive behavior or violation of venue rules will result in removal from the show without a refund.

  6. Changes to the Event:

    • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event, including cast, storyline, or venue, if necessary.

  7. Liability:

    • Guests participate in the Murder Mystery Dinner at their own risk.

    • Purchase of ticket/s is acknowledgement that Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is a live action event and carries a risk of exposure to infectious diseases including Covid 19 and other communicable diseases

    • The organizers and venue shall not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, or damage to property.

  8. Contact Information:

    • For inquiries, changes, or cancellations, please contact our customer service team online, through phone or text at 855-Murder2, or in person at A3 Murder Mystery Cafe.

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